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Our desire is that our church is a place where people experience the love and grace of God, grow in faith, establish life long friendships, find practical help for life, discover and use their spiritual gifts, and reach out to serve the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to form disciples of Jesus Christ who learn to be like Jesus and do the things Jesus did.

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22 North Second Street
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This happened two weeks ago! My brother-in-law, Robert went to work the day after his vacation ended, only to find that the company he worked for has closed for good, no notice! They drove him home since he had a sompany vechicle, so that left him withougt his truck! He sat down to figure out bills and realized that they would be short for the month. The next day, someone knocked on the door. It was a guy that Robert had worked for a while back. He needed Robert to do a job for him and it paid cash, enough to make their bills! This man didn’t know where Robert and his family lived, only the area, so he had driven around looking for Robert’s truck (which he no loger had). He just happened to knock on the right door. We are all convinced there’s only one way that could have happened. God is good!

God Sighting

I continue to see the Lord at work in so many ways. One example of God's grace this last week came in the midst of a car accident. While it is sad, frustrating and confusing that this accident occurred at all, we were very thankful that no one was hurt and minimal damage was done to the vehicles. I believe God was especially at work because the man driving one car had just turned to his fiancee and reminded her to put on her seat belt right before he ran into a car ahead of him. Sometimes God works through our inner promptings. I'm glad he chose to listen.

God Sighting