It’s time for Zion’s members to vote for the 2024 Mission Endowment applicants.

Each member has the opportunity to use the voting form to help allocate Mission Endowment grants among 20 applicants in five categories.  The first three categories respond to Jesus’ command in Acts 1:8 – “Be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  In addition, there is a category for Trinity Lutheran Seminary and one for projects recommended or supported by our Synod.

In order to save postage, only one set of voting materials will be mailed to each household.  If you need more, you can photocopy the mailed forms or pick them up from the office or in the narthex.  If you don’t receive a set in the mail, and if you want to be added to Zion’s mailing list, please notify the office.

It takes only a few minutes to read the descriptions of the applicants and to fill out the voting form.  You can mail it to the office or place it in the box in the narthex.  Votes will be accepted through July 15.  Please vote TODAY!

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