Youth Ministry

Our Mission

Youth On A Mission is about discipling and building relationships with students in Waterville and in the Anthony Wayne area. We are a ministry who loves Jesus and loves teenagers. We seek to build authentic friendships with students and point those teenagers to a personal friendship with God, for whom they were created to have a friendship with from the very beginning of time.

In a fragmented culture, We are committed to reaching into the lives of teenagers, staying missional in everything we do, and showing others the hope and a purpose one can discover through the love of Jesus Christ.

Do you have questions about the youth ministry at Zion? Please feel free to contact the church office at 419-878-0266.

Mission Statement

We are “Youth On A Mission” – A mission to impact students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to lead by example, and to serve the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to bring others to Christ and to follow Him as our Lord and Savior.

The Faith 5: Faith Acts In The Home

We want to equip and empower parents to connect what is happening at church to their lives at home, showing their children that faith is not just a “church thing,” but a relationship with God that involves everything we do, everywhere we go, every day of the week.

To help families to accomplish this, we have embraced the Faith 5 concept created by Faith Incubators. We encourage families to incorporate a 5-10 minute “family huddle” into their evening routine that includes these five simple faith acts:

1. Share highs and lows of the day. (One of each per person)

2. Read a daily Bible verse. (We recommend using

3. Talk about how the daily Bible verse relates to your life.

4. Pray for each other’s highs and lows and then offer any
other prayers as desired.

5. Bless each other. (Make a cross on your forehead, say God bless
you, Jesus loves you, or come up with your own blessings to use)